U & Me 2 (1988)

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หวานมันส์ ฉันคือเธอ 2

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U & Me 2 1988 / หวานมันส์ ฉันคือเธอ 2 1988 / U and Me 2 , Wan Man Chan Kue Tur 2 , Sweet, I Am You 2 , หวานมันส์ฉันคือเธอ 2

After Ton and Deuan went back to their own bodies, they started dating. Ton's father moved away because of his work so Ton went to live in a dormitory with his friends. Since he was once possessed by a girl, it caused people to misunderstand that he's gay. So his friends set out on a mission to prove he isn't, but most of the time the method and technique of proving creates more misunderstandings, especially to Deuan. (Source: XuongPhim)