V no Honoo (1995)

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V no Honoo 1995 / Vの炎 1995 /

The volleyball club of Tsukimi High School is about to be abolished, due to insufficient members. The two remaining members, Hayashi & Miyake, are trying desperately to convince their schoolmates to join the club. They managed to recruit Inohara, Nagano, Sakamoto & Okada to make up the team, however Hayashi is unfortunately killed in an accident. Shortly after, Morita, who is a dead ringer for Hayashi, is transferred to Tsukimi High from another school. Although the rest of the volleyball club members are perplexed by his likeness to the late Hayashi, Morita soon wins over their trust, with his enthusiasm and passion for the game. And so, starts their amazing journey to win the Inter-high Volleyball championship...