A City of Sadness (1989)

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A City of Sadness (1989) photo
A City of Sadness (1989) photo
A City of Sadness (1989) photo


A City of Sadness 1989 / 悲情城市 1989 / Bei Qing Cheng Shi ,

Tells the story of a family embroiled in the tragic ‟White Terror‟ that was brought on the Taiwanese people by the Kuomintang government (KMT) after their arrival from mainland China in the late 1940s, during which thousands of Taiwanese were rounded up, shot, and/or sent to prison. The film depicts the Lin family's experiences during the White Terror. The eldest brother Wen Heung is murdered by a Shanghai mafia boss, the middle brother Wen Leung suffers a traumatic brain injury in a KMT jailhouse, and the youngest brother Wen Ching, who is both deaf and mute, hopes to flee to the mountains with his friend to fight in the anti-KMT resistance movement. By the end of the film, even the photographer, Wen Ching, has been arrested by the authorities, leaving only his wife to tell the story of the family's destruction. Wen Ching's deafness began as an expedient to disguise Tony Leung's inability to speak Taiwanese (or Japanese—the language taught in Taiwan's schools during the 51-year occupation) but wound up being an effective means to demonstrate the brutal insensitivity of Chen Yi's ROC administration. (Source: Wikipedia)