A Man Wagging His Tail (1995)

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꼬리치는 남자

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A Man Wagging His Tail 1995 / 꼬리치는 남자 1995 / The Man Wagging Tail , Kkolichineun Namja ,

Jae Soo is a blind man with an insatiable curiosity for the opposite sex. He has a very sensitive nose, so sensitive that he can diagnose a person's disposition just by his perfume. One day he meets a woman. He does not see her but falls in love with her scent. He starts following her but gets into a car accident. When he wakes up, he finds himself to be Da Rong now, the dog he had been mistreating. So now as a canine he meets the woman or the women of his dreams. Between the sexy and smart narrator model Kyung Ah and the dizzy actress, Yeong Eun, he cannot decide who is the one with the special scent.