Casino Tycoon 1 (1992)

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Casino Tycoon 1 (1992) photo
Casino Tycoon 1 (1992) photo


Casino Tycoon 1 1992 / 賭城大亨之新哥傳奇 1992 / Gambling City Magnate , New Older Brother Legend , 赌城大亨之新哥传奇 , Dou Sing Daai Hang Zi San Go Zyun Kei , Do sing daai hang: San goh chuen kei , Do Sing Dai Hang San Goh Chuen Kei , Du Cheng Da Heng Zhi Xin Ge Chuan Qi

Set in World War II, ‟Casino Tycoon‟ chronicles the story of Benny, a university student, on a difficultly-earned scholarship, who flees Hong-Kong during the Japanese invasion and heads for the gambling haven of Macau. Once in Macau, he impresses a local business man who has ties to organised crime. With the help of his new boss, Benny slowly builds his way up the ranks in the casino business, which involves corrupt politicians, competing businessmen, and rival organized crime groups known as the Triads. ~~ Inspired by the life stories of the biggest ‟Casino Tycoons‟ of Macau, Stanley Ho, Henry Fok and Yip Hon, who became partners, but were also involved with smuggling and ties to organized crime.