Chikatetsu Renzoku Rape: Aijin Kari (1988)

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地下鉄連続レイプ 愛人狩り

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Chikatetsu Renzoku Rape: Aijin Kari 1988 / 地下鉄連続レイプ 愛人狩り 1988 / Subway Serial Rape: Lover Hunting , Chikatetsu Renzoku Reipu 4 , Chikatetsu Renzoku Reipu: Aijin Kari , Chikatetsu Renzoku Reipu: Aijin-gari

A woman is raped on a crowded subway. No one reports it to the police. A TV studio exploits the incident to boost ratings, with tragic results, including the victimization of the reporter sent to harass the gang members who committed the crime. (Source: IMDb)