City War (1988)

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City War 1988 / 义胆红唇 1988 / Cheng Shi Zhan Zheng , Sing Si Jin Jaang , Yi Daam Hung Sun , Yi Dan Hong Chun

Dick Lee and Ken Chow are two police officers who are friends, the former is a negotiator who is a humorous and easy going while the latter is a hot tempered cop who hates evil as his enemy and advocates violence for violence. Drug lord Ted Yiu, who was imprisoned by Ken two years ago, was released from prison and Ken's former partner Ho Ka Ting is mysteriously killed. Later, Ted also laid traps to trick Ken, which cause his disciplinary punishment by the police and later sends killers to threaten Ken's life and kill his family. On the other hand, Dick incidentally meets Penny, who is Ted's lover. A tangled conflict later brakes off in the city.