Doubles Cause Troubles (1989)

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Doubles Cause Troubles 1989 / 神勇雙妹嘜 1989 / Shen yong shuang mei mai , Xiao mi hu da jin ji

Nurse Liang Shanbo (Carol 'Do Do' Cheng) and Actress Zhu Yingtai (Maggie Cheung) are mismatched cousins who just inherited a rental home from their late relative. When they moved in, they discover that a room has been rented out to a man named Ben, who turns out to be a criminal gangster. One night, when Ben returns home, bloodied and injured, he collapses into Yingtai's arms and whispers a code in her ear before he dies. Not knowing what the code leads to, Yingtai and Shanbo are later visited by a man claiming to be Ben's brother who wants to solve the case. (Source: IMDb)