Drunken Master 3 (1994)

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Drunken Master 3 1994 / 醉拳III 1994 / Drunken Master III

At the turn of the century of China, the White Lotus Society plots to put the sinister Manchu Emperor Yuan Shi Kai to become the Emperor of China. However, he needs to be given a Jade Ring possessed by his fiance, Princess Sum Yuk. The White Lotus Society gets Yeung Kwan to get the princess. However, Yeung is actually a rebel leader working for Sun Yat Sen and he abducts Sum Yuk and finds refuge at the Po Chi Lam clinic owned by Wong Kei Ying with his mischievous son, Wong Fei Hung. Later, Fei Hung gets involved with Yeung and Sum Yuk and end up on the run together. Along the way, Fei Hung later learns the secrets of Drunken Boxing from an old master, Uncle Yan. (Source: Wikipedia)