Fight Back to School 3 (1993)

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Fight Back to School 3 1993 / 逃學威龍3之龍過雞年 1993 / Fight Back to School III , To Hok Wai Lung III- Lung Gwoh Gai Nin , Tou Hok Wai Lung 3 - Ji Lung Gwo Gai Nin , 逃学威龙3之龙过鸡年

Chow Sing Sing is the obnoxious undercover cop who seems to get into all sorts of trouble, only this time he doesn't go back to school. Instead, Chow goes undercover as the husband of a wealthy socialite, which doesn't sit well with his fiancé who tries to convince Chow to quit working as undercover. (Source: Letterboxd)