Guan Yin Legend (1995)

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Guan Yin Legend 1995 / 观世音菩萨传奇 1995 / New Guanyin Bodhisattva Legend

This is a story about an evil magic carp who escaped from Buddha and all the other heavenly beings into the human world to cause chaos. Cixi Tai Shi volunteers to go after the evil carp. Buddha gave his permission, and thus Cixi Tai Shi was reincarnated as the Third Princess of Miao Zhuang country. When Miao Shan is born, the emperor's adviser says that the child (third princess)'s birth is an omen and, later, an order is given to throw her into the sea. Court lady Yin Ma is given the job of secretly taking the princess and raising her. Miao Shan grows up not knowing her identity and sets out to become enlightened and save the people. However, she has to face many trials before she can become a savior.