Guinea Pig 5: Android of Notre Dame (1989)

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ザ・ギニーピッグ2 ノートルダムのアンドロイド

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Guinea Pig 5: Android of Notre Dame 1989 / ザ・ギニーピッグ2 ノートルダムのアンドロイド 1989 / Android of Notre Dame , Za Ginī Piggu 2: Nōtorudamu no Andoroido , The Guinea Pig 2: Android of Notre Dame , Guinea Pig Part 5

The film revolves around a scientist who tries to find a cure for his sister's grave illness. The scientist needs a ‟guinea pig‟ to perform experiments on. A stranger approaches the scientist, offering of a body for the experiments, which the scientist pays for. When the experiments do not go well, the scientist becomes enraged and hacks the body to pieces. The stranger approaches the scientist again and supplies another body so the experiments can continue.