Hanayome wa 16-sai (1995)

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Hanayome wa 16-sai (1995) photo
Hanayome wa 16-sai (1995) photo


Hanayome wa 16-sai 1995 / 花嫁は16才! 1995 / 16 Year Old Bride! , My Unfair Lady

Left alone and a high-school dropout 16-year-old high Natsumi was given an offer she can't refuse, to pose as the 19-year-old bride Sayuri, heir to a major corporation, in order to ensure a smooth merger between two companies. Natsumi has to live as Sayuri, her look-alike, and marry the man sayuri was sposed to marry, for two months in return to receive a large sum of money. (Source: XuongPhim)