Joyu Natsuki Midori Series 7 (1995)

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女優 夏木みどりシリーズ7

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Joyu Natsuki Midori Series 7 1995 / 女優 夏木みどりシリーズ7 1995 / Actress Midori Natsuki Series 7: Glamorous Invitation , Hanayaka na Jotaijo , 華やかな招待状

Eight years ago, former actress Oshiro Eriko, who had retired, planned a special drama based on her late husband's original work to revive the 20th anniversary of her entertainment life and co-starred with herself as the leading role. Midori and his friends, who came to Waikiki, were surprised by the mansion's grandeur. However, an incident occurs in which a young actress dies during a shooting.