Khue Hattha Khrong Phiphop (1995)

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Khue Hattha Khrong Phiphop 1995 / คือหัตถาครองพิภพ 1995 / Keu Hat Ta Krong Pipop , Khue Hattha Khrong Phipop Jop Sakon , คือหัตถาครองพิภพจบสากล

The story of Khunying Si , who sets the path for every life in the house. Phraya Samitphum, the husband of Sampang Nga, an innocent girl who has been abused by Phraya Samitpoom because of love. With good deeds make Sampong still faithful to the man named as a husband Including being honest with Khunying Sri who supports and loves himself like a younger sister. Although Khun Sri will disappear Steamed up and refused to become a lady. She takes care of all the children of Phraya Samitivej Both caused by himself and other wives Including your autistic daughter. (Source: Google Translate Bugaboo) ~~ Adapted from the novel ‟Khue Hattha Khrong Phipop‟ by Namob (น้ำอบ)