Manee Rao (1990)

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Manee Rao (1990) photo
Manee Rao (1990) photo


Manee Rao 1990 / มณีร้าว 1990 / Cracked Jewel

Duen is a sweet and proper girl. However, she’s unhappy because of her family circumstances as her father has a mistress and her parents fight a lot. Due to that, someday, she goes to party with friends and she gets very drunk. As a result, Chayshan, a player, also very drunk, ends up raping her. After that, she has only one wish : to get away from him as far as possible and to forget. But it’s very hard as she feels guilty towards her boyfriend, Jet. And more importantly, Chayshan comes to seriously fall in love with her, even though she hates him, and finds it hard to give up on her. On one hand, Chayshan has also a younger sister who worries him very much, because she has an affair with a suspicious man. This drama is based on a novel from V. Vinichayakul. It is like a Thai version of « Tess of the D’Urbervilles » as it criticizes the fact that men and women are not judged the same way on sexuality : a man can have many affairs but a woman can’t lose her virginity without being disgraced, even if she was unwilling.