Mystery of the Parchment (1991)

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Mystery of the Parchment 1991 / 天龍奇俠 1991 / Tian Long Ji Xia

Mystery of the Parchment is about two friends, Song King, Zhao Xiao Xie, and Mongol King, Hai Du, who agree to join hands to find the missing treasures that are hidden in a perilous snowy mountain. Of interest to the Mongol king is a sheepskin with royal order written in blood by his father, the previous Khan. With this sheepskin, the Mongol king can overthrow the current Khan and restore his kingship. For the Song king, he hopes to find the flying bow gun, which belongs to his country. Even though the two countries are at war, the two kingly friends vow to use the treasures to stop the war and restore peace among citizens. However, once they have found the treasures, one king has a change of heart and wants everything for himself. A battle ensues. (Source: