Nightmare of Fortune (1934)

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Nightmare of Fortune 1934 / 繁華夢 1934 / Fan Hua Meng , 繁華夢 , Faan Wa Mung

Tofu vendor Tsang Tsoi dreams of making it rich through the lottery. But his many attempts to persuade his wife to give him money to buy lottery tickets fail. Later, Tsang dreams that he has indeed struck the lottery. Friends who used to snub him and Cheung Hok, who sold him the lottery ticket, all come to congratulate him. Tsang takes on many wives and spends his days on alcohol and women. Cheung devises a scheme to cheat Tsang of his money. Tsang goes bankrupt and is kidnapped by gangsters under the orders of Cheung. Unable to pay his ransom, Tsang is tortured. Tsang wakes up from his nightmare and resolves to work hard from now on to make his living rather than dream of being rich. (Source: Chinese = || Translation = XuongPhim)