Oh Mada (1995)

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Oh Mada (1995) photo
Oh Mada (1995) photo
Oh Mada (1995) photo


Oh Mada 1995 / โอ้มาดา 1995 / Oh...Mother , Oh Mother , โอ้...มาดา

May lives in a warm family but Mada, her mother, is over strict. No one in this family can refuse Mada's order. May feels tense and she must marry the man that her mother'd chosen. He doesn't love her so on the first night of their marriage, he tries to rape her. But she fights til she become unconscious. When she wakes up, she can't remember anyone. Prathong is a guy close to May's family who's in love with her. He knows that everything that happened was because of Mada and tries to help May recover her memories.