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Picture Bride 1995 / ピクチャーブライド 1995 / Bijo photo ,

he film is set in 1918. Riyo (Kudoh) is a ‟city girl‟, who becomes a picture bride to a man who works as a field hand on a sugar cane plantation in Hawaii. The film begins with the death of Riyo's father, which leads Riyo's aunt to make arrangements for Riyo to become a picture bride. As Riyo prepares to be photographed, her aunt shows her a picture of the handsome Matsuji (Takayama), her husband-to-be in Hawaii. Not only is the photo intended as introduction, but also as a means of confirming that each has found the right partner when they meet for the first time on the docks. However, when Riyo finally arrives in Honolulu, the man who comes to greet her looks nothing like the man in the photo. Matsuji confesses that the photo he sent was old, taken when he was a young man.