Plain Love (1995)

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Plain Love (1995) photo


Plain Love 1995 / 情濃大地 1995 / Plain Love Season 1 , Ching Nung Daai Dei , Qing Nong Da Di

Kwan Tin Yam is the second son of a rich family in the village. Lau Ah Choi is the servant in this family. Fong Shu Gan and his father are tenant farmers for Tin Yam's family. After Tin Yam returns from the city to study medicine, his attraction for Ah Choi grows stronger than before, and she, too, is also in love with him. However, Tin Yam's family objects to the relationship between these two because she is a servant. When they decide to elope, they end up getting caught. During the chase, Ah Choi falls into the river, and Tin Yam believes that she has drowned to death, so he returns to the city heartbroken. He does not know that Ah Choi is saved by Shu Gan's family. To prevent further problems, Tin Yam's family forces Ah Choi to marry Shu Gan. Because they are both servants, they do not have any right to voice up or object. Things become even more complicated from that point onward...