Return of the Lucky Stars (1989)

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Return of the Lucky Stars 1989 / 福星闖江湖 1989 / Fu Xing Chuang Jiang Hu , Fuk Seng Chong Gong Wu , 福星闯江湖

Hong Kong Police Supt. Walter Tso arrests Big Dai, the reformed leader of a criminal corporation. When Dai asked his brother Richard Mao to turn himself into the police, he betrays him and decides to take over the corporation. Dai is imprisoned and an informant is murdered by one of Mao's men. With no evidence against Mao and the corporation, Tso coerced four of the ‟Five Lucky Stars‟ to go undercover in the prison, rescue Dai, and help nab Mao and bring down the corporation. (Source: IMDb)