Ruea Manut (1995)

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Ruea Manut 1995 / เรือมนุษย์ 1995 / Human Boat , Reun Manut

This lakorn is a drama that reflects on family problems in society. Pimrot (Nitima's teen niece) got pregnant by Chaiyaporn (Dum's nephew) so the two families became involved with one another. The storyline focuses on the dramatic lives of the two families especially the problems involving the niece, her pregnancy, and her boyfriend forcing her to get an abortion when she didn't want it. Nitima's brother had an affair with Kiaw, a servant young enough to be his daughter. Dum's sister-in-law who was neglected by her husband Date always tried to seduce Dum at every given chance. Meanwhile Dum and Nitima fell in love, and Date also became interested in Nitima. The two brothers started fighting over her.