Saviour of the Soul 2 (1992)

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Saviour of the Soul 2 1992 / 九二神鵰之癡心情長劍 1992 / 九二神鵰俠侶 , Saviour of the Soul II

The hero Ching Yan has been dreaming of a beautiful woman every night for 28 years and he vows to find his dream girl. He travels to the Snowy Mountain in search of her together with his godson and a mad doctor. Business in the Last-Stop-in-Life Hotel at the base of the mountain has been good, as many people have ventured to the mountain in search of the legendary Ice Maiden, but none has returned. The innkeeper develops a crush on Ching Yan and pretends to be the Ice Maiden to entice him, but Ching Yan does not believe her and insists on going up the mountain to look for the real Ice Maiden. On the way, he angers the Devil King and is rescued by the Ice Maiden. So now, the Devil King, tries to stop Ching an from leaving with the Ice Maiden.