Shizuka naru don RETURNS (1995)

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Shizuka naru don RETURNS (1995) photo
Shizuka naru don RETURNS (1995) photo


Shizuka naru don RETURNS 1995 / 静かなるドンRETURNS 1995 / Quiet Don RETURNS , しずかなるドン , 静かなるドン・リターンズ 三代目が帰ってきた!100億の麻薬密輸!! 香港マフィアの野望にスーパーアイドルがSOS…今度は国際戦争だぜ! , 静かなるドン SP1

Women's underwear manufacturer Pretty has decided to use Hong Kong star Cindy Lin, who is visiting Japan, as an image character for its new brand DUNE. Shizuya and Ayami approach Cindy while fending off the manager's stiff guard, but behind them they realize that there is a Hong Kong mafia aiming to advance into Japan using drug smuggling as a stepping stone. (Source: TV Drama DB)