Song Bird (1989)

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Song Bird 1989 / 天涯歌女 1989 /

Rising above a turbulent childhood, Zhou Xuan joined the Moonlight Song and Dance Troupe at the tender age of 12. There she met Yan Hua who taught her how to read music and speak Cantonese. Ten years her senior, they married in 1939. Good fortune smiled upon her when a record producer recognized her unique golden voice, launching her singing career in what was a very difficult era. Her husband had trouble dealing with her newfound fame. It would be a hint of things to come regarding her unlucky romances. She also acted in pictures, where evidence of her emotional instability first presented itself. She would frequent mental institutions throughout her days. The beloved beauty’s tragic life came to an end during the height of an anti-rightist campaign. ~~ Based on the life of the Zhou Xuan, the Republic of China’s popular entertainer of the 30´s and 40’s.