Sono Toki, Heart wa Nusumareta (1992)

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Sono Toki, Heart wa Nusumareta 1992 / その時、ハートは盗まれた 1992 / That Time, My Heart Was Stolen , Who Stole My Heart , Sono toki Hātowa Nusumareta , Sono toki Heartwa Nusumareta

Drama about a high school girl's growing pains. The heroine is painfully aware of her own childishness and finds it difficult to approach the boy she has a crush for, who is two years her senior at school. One of her classmates is a girl who seems far more grown-up and experienced. The heroine first resents her, then gradually falls in love with her, but then she finds out that the boy she has fancied had always been in love with this girl, too. As the more mature girl's antics get wilder, a strange kind of pax develops between the heroine and the boy, through a shared concern for the other girl. (Source: GB) **Manga with the same title doesn't have any relations with this drama.