Talking Head (1992)

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Talking Head 1992 / トーキング・ヘッド 1992 /

It's nearly time for the debut of the most anticipated anime movie of the year, Talking Head. There's just a few minor problems: the director has disappeared, and the movie isn't even started. Desperate to meet their deadline, the studio hires a ‟migrant technical director‟ to fill in for the missing director. His job? To discern he director's true vision and lead a very bizarre staff in the creation of a movie. But there's more going on here than just slipping deadlines. One by one, the staff is being murdered. And it's only a matter of time before the new director's next on the list. Now he must play the role of detective as well as director, in a place where fantasy and reality seem to be merging into a unique and sinister world. Explore the world of anime from a completely new angle...if you've got the guts! -- Bandai Entertainment Rated 16 and up.