The Awful Truth (1950)

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The Awful Truth 1950 / 說謊世界 1950 / Shuo Huag Shi Jie , Syut Fong Sai Gaai , 说谎世界

As China fell into hyperinflation following the end of the war, people fought tooth and nail to get their hands on the only reliable currencies in the world: gold and American dollars. This is a story that shows how seven bars and two thousand US dollars bring together an interesting mix of characters: an opportunistic manager, a materialistic courtesan, a con artist posing as a commissioner of the Treasury, a white-collar worker who will do anything for a promotion, a man who specialises in conning women, a father who marries off his daughter for money and a sorcerer who fakes his magic. In this dog-eat-dog world, the only truth is that everyone is lying for his own gain. (Source: Chinese = || Translation = XuongPhim)