The Christ of Nanjing (1995)

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The Christ of Nanjing (1995) photo
The Christ of Nanjing (1995) photo


The Christ of Nanjing 1995 / 南京的基督 1995 / Nanjing De Ji Du , Nankin no Kirisuto , Naam Ging Di Gei Duk , 南京の基督 , ナンキンのキリスト

Ryuichiro Okagawa is a Japanese writer who is working as a reporter in China. Here he meets a devoutly religious girl named Jin Hua who just transferred in a brothel in order to earn money to send to her family. Despite already having a family in Japan Okagawa falls in love and marries her, but as soon as he has to go back to Japan the girl catches a bad disease. (Source: XuongPhim) ~~ Adapted from the short story ‟The Christ Of Nanking‟ (南京の基督) by Akutagawa Ryunosuke (芥川龍之介).