The Lu Gou Qiao Incident (1995)

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The Lu Gou Qiao Incident 1995 / 七七事变 1995 / July 7th Incident , Qi Qi Shi Bian , 七·七事变

In 1937, the troubled Chinese nation encountered a historical event with far-reaching impact. Japanese imperialism has already extended its claws to the Central Plains. The ambitious invaders have exposed their greedy faces and all they owe is an excuse to start a war. In the ancient capital of Peiping, the Japanese North China garrison was running amok, but the passionate soldiers of the 29th Army of the Kuomintang stood in front of them and did not dare to act rashly. On the other hand, Chiang Kai Shek concentrated on dealing with the CCP and blindly adopted a concession policy towards the Japanese invaders, forcing Song Zhe Yuan's 29th Army to surrender Fengtai. Under the instruction of the Communist Party of China, the progressive students of Peiping actively united the 29th Army to support Song Zhe Yuan in resisting Japan. When everyone was united and shared the same hatred against the enemy, the July 7 Incident directed by the Japanese invaders broke out. (Source: Chinese = Douban || Translation = XuongPhim)