The Romancing Star 2 (1988)

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The Romancing Star 2 1988 / 精裝追女仔2 1988 / The Romancing Stars II , Jing Jong Jui Nui Jai 2 , Jing Zhuang Zhui Nü Zi 2 , 精裝追女仔Ⅱ , 精装追女仔之2 , 精裝追女仔之2 , 精装追女仔之二

The three romancers enter show business and join the ratings-struggling Chow TV station, run by Lao Chow, to boost their careers and attempt to court an aspiring actress and a beauty pageant candidate. While Chow TV's ratings improve, competing Channel 8 TV, run by Simon Hing, concocts a scheme to sabotage Chow TV's productions. (Source: IMDb)