The Swordsman 3: The East Is Red (1993)

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东方不败 - 风云再起

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The Swordsman 3: The East Is Red 1993 / 东方不败 - 风云再起 1993 / Dong Fang Bu Bai: Feng yun zai qi , The East Is Red

Following Dongfang Bu Bai's apparent death, the wulin (martial artists' community) sinks into chaos as it is without a dominant leader. Several imposters use Dongfang Bu Bai's name to rally supporters and form their own sects, and Dongfang's lover Xue Qian Xun rebuilds the Sun Moon Holy Cult with her as its new leader. The imperial court sent a naval admiral called Gu Chang Feng to accompany the Portuguese in search of Dongfang Bu Bai. They arrive at Black Woods Cliff, the site of Dongfang Bu Bai's death in the earlier film, and Gu Chang Feng discovers that Dongfang is still alive and now lives at the cliff's base. Gu Chang Feng manages to persuade Dongfang Bu Bai to return to the jianghu and Dongfang seeks to destroy all the imposters. Dongfang Bu Bai unleashes his fury and starts a bloodbath to eliminate all the imposters. He discovers that Xue Qian Xun is also one of the imposters and seriously injures her in anger. Dongfang Bu Bai plans to unite the wulin once more, but Gu Chang Feng attempts to stop him and leads the imperial navy to fight him.