The! Tetsuwan! DASH!! (1995)

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The! Tetsuwan! DASH!! 1995 / ザ!鉄腕!DASH!! 1995 / DASH

The!Tetsuwan! DASH!! is a long running variety show that started out in late night with TOKIO in 1995 doing all sorts of crazy experiments. It moved to prime time and became an hour show and one of the projects was to get the name ‟DASH‟ on official maps. A ‟village‟ had the least number of requirements, so they held an election for a mayor (ended up being the rubber ducky, whole nother story with that), bought some land, built the first building and started to grow stuff. After a while, it was no longer about getting ‟DASH‟ on the map, but about doing things the old fashioned way. Now they have a whole goat family, grow their own kind of rice, grow various fruits and vegetables, made a flag using cotton and natural dyes also grown in the village, made a kiln and a forge and now have made their own pottery and farm tools, have even made glass using sand in the village. And that's just a handful of what they've done. All of it is with the support of local people (the actual location is not available to the public) and professionals in the respective fields, but TOKIO do the main grunt work. But now they have shifted to an island because DASH Village which is located in Fukushima had to be evacuated as it became heavily irradiated after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster due to tsunami in March 2011. Other notable segments were TOKIO VS 100 Cops, DASH Island, DASH Garage, DASH PR Department, Relay Confontation Objects VS TOKIO Series, How Far Can You Go Series, Travel With The Solar Car (Dankiichi)