Umi ga Kikoeru (1995)

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Umi ga Kikoeru 1995 / 海がきこえる 1995 / I Can Hear the Sea , 海がきこえる〜アイがあるから〜

Morisaki Taku is a college student in Tokyo. Flying home to the city of Kochi for vacation, he recalls the events of his last two high school years. A late transfer student named Muto Rikako transfers into Taku's school and immediately establishes herself as a star student, although she hates southern Japan, and does not fit in with the rest of the class. She also ‟borrows‟ money from Taku during a school trip so she can travel to Tokyo and visit her father. Her trip, accompanied by Taku, begins to cause trouble for him around the school and bring him in conflict with his best friend Matsuno Yutaka, who likes Rikako. Slowly Taku realizes he also likes Rikako despite her faults, but is unable to tell his friend about it. (Source: DramaWiki)