Yellow Fangs (1993)

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リメインズ 美しき勇者たち

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Yellow Fangs 1993 / リメインズ 美しき勇者たち 1993 / Rimeinzu - Utsukushiki yusha-tachi

A ferocious 900-lb bear nicknamed ‟Red Spot‟ terrorizes a mountain village in Hokkaido for days, murdering and eating many men and women. A bear hunter named Eiji lets a young woman named Yuki stay with him after she gets kicked out of her home. However, when Yuki leaves, her family is attacked by Red Spot. He viciously kills her father and brothers before carrying her mother off into the mountains. A group of bear hunters decided to hunt him down and Yuki wants to go with them, but Eiji forbids it. Later, without his knowledge, she disguises herself as a boy and goes anyway.