Zoku Minami no Kaze (1942)

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Zoku Minami no Kaze 1942 / 続南の風 1942 / Southern Wind

An entertainment masterpiece taken by Kosaburo Yoshimura, a newspaper novel written by Bunroku Choshi, divided into the first and second parts. The first part was released as ‟Minami no Kaze Mizue no Maki‟ (93 minutes), and the second part as ‟Southern Wind‟ (87 minutes). Like ‟Wakuryu‟, Toshinori Sabe, Mieko Takamine, Mitsuko Mito, etc. appear, but this is a refreshing comedy that is rare during the war. The protagonist is the son of a former baron performing Toshinobu Sabe. Growing up and living for a long time without any long-term work, an old friend who has performed in Singapore and performed by Tomokasa Kasa brings in a tale. It is a strange story that Takamori Saigo, who was thought to have died in the Southwest War, actually survived and started a new religion in Southeast Asia, and now his orphan is a guru. If I can spread the religion to Japan, I would be very interested in it and I would like to spend a lot of money aside from worrying about my surroundings. It was a story like that, and it was also a funny story involving the love of Mieko Takamine and Mitsuko Mito, but it seems that the original is out of print now, the DVD has not yet appeared, and it is a bit disappointing Right. During the war, such a light story seemed unfathomable, or it may not have entered Kine seasonal best ten, but it may be a work that may be appreciated a little more. (https://ameblo.jp/caro88/entry-10947986445.html)