Megalopolis Expressway Trial 3 (1991)

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首都高速トライアル 3

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Megalopolis Expressway Trial 3 1991 / 首都高速トライアル 3 1991 / Shuto Kousoku Trial 3 ,

Former Megalopolis Express Freeway record holder Kyōsuke has retired from street racing and now belongs to a Keiichi Tsuchiya's racing team. One day while performing mountain time trials, a black Toyota Supra (JZA70) hiding inside a tunnel comes from behind and challenges Yūsuke (S13) to a race, but Yūsuke is no match for the unknown Black Supra. Kyōsuke is still haunted by that devastating crash that occurred on the Expressway a few years ago, which caused him to leave street racing.